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About Dr. Adam Breiner, ND

Dr. Breiner discovers, shares, and implements innovative ways to bring people to better health. Combining naturopathic and integrative medicine with cutting-edge therapies and science, he works to enhance the body's own ability to recover, renew, and revitalize on the inside, resulting in the ultimate healthy, glowing appearance on the outside.

Naturopathic physician Dr. Adam Breiner is the first physician in Connecticut to offer Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to treat Lyme Disease, Stroke, ADD, Traumatic Brain Injuries, and other neurological conditions. For over fifteen years, Dr. Breiner has helped patients with various neurological conditions utilizing cutting-edge techniques and technologies, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy and EEG neurofeedback. He has had the privilege of working with many pioneers in these fields, including Dr. Richard Neubauer, the father of hyperbaric medicine for neurological conditions, and Dr. Margaret Ayers, inventor of the world's first Real-Time EEG and pioneer in the field of neurofeedback. In addition to neurological disorders, patients from NYC, Connecticut, and New England seek out Dr. Breiner for his natural and cutting-edge approaches to treating Lyme Disease.

Dr. Breiner has taken advanced training in Neurofield with Neurofield creator Dr. Nicolas Dogris. The Neurofield utilizes a targeted approach to help the brain "re-wire" by transcranial magnetic and electrical stimulation based on a person's EEG and combined with customized neurofeedback protocols. Dr. Breiner also trained in TBI Therapy protocol with Dr. John Hughes, who holds the patent for this procedure. The TBI Therapy protocol utilizes activated PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and Stem Cells, combined with hyperbaric oxygen and other modalities for brain injuries and cognitive enhancement.

He has studied numerous post-graduate courses, including training with Dr. Deitrich Klinghardt in healing the brain and Lyme Disease. Also, he has studied with Dr. Vincent Speckhart to utilize advanced EAV (Electro-acupuncture according to Voll) diagnostic techniques to help detect advanced pathologies and toxicities. Dr. Breiner has taken advanced training with Dr. Luis Garcia, a leader in the field of Biomagnetism. Biomagnetism is an energetic and vibrational therapy. Biomagnetism boosts bio-magnetic balance in the human body, maintains optimal pH, and helps to reestablish homeostasis to allow the body to heal itself.

His memberships include Connecticut Naturopathic Physician Association (CNPA), Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS), International Society for Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR).

Dr. Adam Breiner maintains a naturopathic medical practice at Whole-Body Medicine at the Breiner Whole-Body Health Center in Fairfield, CT. Whole-Body Medicine offers holistic medical care, NeuroEdge Brain Performance, and IV Solutions.

Lectures, Interviews & Media

Dr. Breiner has spoken at The International Hyperbaric Medical Conference on New Frontiers in EEG and Neurofeedback – Enhancing the Results of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. "The Whole-Body Approach to Lyme Disease" at the Connecticut Chiropractic Fall Conference. "Integrative Approaches to Traumatic Brain Injuries" at the Integrative Healthcare Symposium.

He was a co-host of Living Green, Living Healthy at WCGH AM broadcasting from Greenwich, Connecticut.

NewsMax Health, Chicago Tribune, Kansas City Star, Sacramento Bee, Exceptional ParentTBI Help Line, Fairfax County Times, HealthNewsDigest, and numerous other publications have interviewed Dr. Breiner on brain injuries and concussions. He has also been a guest on radio shows across the country discussing student-athletes, concussion prevention, and treatment.

Radio Interviews include Kiss FM Radio, Cumulus Cares Radio, Positive Parenting with Mr. Dad, and others. He has appeared on Connecticut television WTNH – TV, Good Morning Connecticut Weekend.

Dr. Breiner has also been a feature interview on the topic of Innovative Treatments for Lyme Disease in various publications and radio shows, including Las Vegas Review-Journal, Fairfax County Times, Town Times (CT), The Missourian, Natural Solutions Publication, Magazine Bay Area, Spirit of Change, The Honey Colony, and Lyme Talk Radio, Just for the Health of It, The Dr. Pat Show, and others.

Energy Medicine

Trained in naturopathic medicine, Dr. Breiner has long been a student of energy medicine and frequencies to help heal the body. These modalities include homeopathy, EAV, Reiki hands-on healing, Biomagnetism, and other energy-based modalities. Now, frequency-based science provides fat loss and muscle building through the advanced devices that Sculpted Wellness offers.

 "Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies." - Albert Einstein, Physicist

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